Roof Maintenance

The Benefits of Regular Roof Maintenance Inspections

Roofs silently work hard day after day, night after night keeping us and the contents of your home dry. A roof isn't a thing that we look at on a regular basis and to many people, it's hardly a thing of beauty (although we do beg to differ - but then roofing is what we do!).


The benefits of good roof maintenance are nevertheless obvious. Maintenance allows the roof to carry on doing what they do which in effect, allows us to carry on doing what we do.   

It pays to love your roof!

Roofs deserve some love and attention and an inspection now and again is all they require. Sheltering you from all types of weather every day of the year, whether you have noticed or not, small cracks, lost tiles and holes will appear.

It may not sound urgent, but don't be fooled. Like many other things left unattended, over time these types of small damages can cause you a lot of trouble. 

Having the moss cleared is a perfect opportunity to let an experienced roofer assess any other jobs that need doing.


How often should I have my roof inspected?

It is always a good idea to have roof check before the severe winter weather months, and one after just to be safe. A great deal of money can be saved when small and quick checks are made.

If you're not certain on what to keep an eye out for, then ask an expert and get a few quotes to give you a better idea of price and options.

To avoid things like long term damp, rotting timber and a weak roof, it is essential to have these small checks carried out.

At the very least, get someone in to have a look - a visit and a quote are free!  SB Roofing carry out all aspects of roof maintenance and will inspect and give you a quote for free and then you can decide how to proceed.

Call SB roofing for a free quote for your roof maintenance at reasonable prices. Or use our CONTACT FORM for a callback.


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